What do Konrad Adenauer, Charles de Gaulle and you have in common?

Brenners Park–Hotel & Spa. Here you are in the best of company: Otto von Bismarck, Grand Duke Michael Nikolaevich, Edward VII and the King of Siam all strolled around these interiors.

And history has been written on many an occasion here when renowned artists, industrialists and statesmen such as Charles de Gaule and Konrad Adenauer met in Brenners.

Amidst this exiting and relaxing environment you will find our private dental practice located directly behind the spa complex of the Villa Stéphanie.

In fact, you can even visit us in your bathrobe if you wish. And regardless of whether you come in terrycloth or flannel, one thing is certain: you will travel home with a smile on your face. So please step inside and we’ll show you why.