Despite of corona, we are still available for you!

Dear patients, dear guests and partners,

Many guest are pleasantly surprised, when getting us on the phone– they did not expect that we are reachable and keep on working. We have responded to this huge challenge of the temporary pandamic and certainly we are still here for you!

We have reduced our treatment times and are available by telephone (10:00 a.m until 03:00 p.m). Currently we are working in separated teams, to reduce the patient and our infection risk.

We try to avoid the treatment of high-risk patients, and unfortunately limit ourselves to necessary and indicated treatments.

Next to our entrance are we have mounted a hand disinfection dispenser. Please use immediately after entering and bevor leaving the practice (one pull with the right elbow in the left hand).

Of course our aim ist o avoid contact between patients: Thus we we try to place only one patient in the corridor and waiting areas during our treatment times. This only works with adherence to delivery dates – please do not arrive too early or too late, but as punctually as possible.

Our hygiene measures have long been outstanding among medical specialists – dentist have been confronted with HIV and hepatitis C viruses for decades and have adapted to them.
Additionaly protective masks and visors now complete our protection.
Thank you for your patience, that we cannot treat patients infected with the coronal virus and symtomatic patients in our practice. But in emergency cases we surely help you to arrange appointments in a specialised practice.

Nevertheless, we are and will be there for you and will not leave you alone!

Many of our patients are closely cooperating with us and achieved a high level of oral hygiene in order to prevent a recurrence of periodontitis (relapse) or a progression of carious disease
Imagine the disastrous extent if no dental hygieniest would work for six months or even longer: loss of teeth, considerable need for therapy, long treatment times with high expected costs. Scientific studies showed that a clean, well groomed oral cavity positively influences the whole organism. The oral cavity is the main entry point for bacteria and viruses. This fact is science, not maketing!

For example, in general the importancy of vitamin D is indisputable for a stable immune system – but up to 90% of the population is undersupplied. The same issue applies to vitamin C. Especially in this context, good oral hygiene or a healthy oral cavity in times of Covid-19 is even more important than it was before. Those facts actually show us, the importancy and neccessity to still visit dental practices. Dentistry is especially important in these times and must remain available for everybody.

The infection risk is demonstrably much lower in dental practices than in other specialists offices. This is the reason why the dentins remain there for you – we definitively do!

Dr. S. Marcus Beschnidt and Team.