No one likes going to the dentist

„Gorgeous“, exclaimed my dentist, „let’s just take out that tooth without anesthesia“.

During my childhood I was not only scared of dentits, more I was afraid of injections.

Before entering the front door of a dental surgery I always had that dentist-typical disgusting odor in my nose.

After opening the front door, there was a huge bar made out of a dark wooden material with a person I was not able to see. So much the worse we had to wait endlessly.

Even more I didn’t see any doctor until I was sitting on the dentists chair. Usually he used to come in without receiving me and immediately started to putter around in my little mouth.

I remember the day a dentist decided to take out one of my teeth. Before explaining anything he wanted to syringe my teeth. I was that frightened and sensed that the doctor was not able present me any patience. He just exclaimed: „ Gorgeous, let’s just take that tooth out without anesthesia.

That cruel experience encoined me enduring and became one of my motivations to do my studies in dentistry. I wanted to offer a human kind of dentistry that respects the individual requirements of each human being.