Sebastian Wehrle: 100% black forest native

2019 – 2020

Sebastian Wehrle

Born in 1984 in Waldkirch, grown up in Simonswald, is a photographer with his own gallery at Freiamt in the Black Forest region close to Freiburg im Breisgau. Since he gave up his job as a stove builder to travel by bike from Los Angeles down to Peru combined with a little side trip to Asia, not one day has passed without a camera in his hands. His artwork is full of a wide spectre of several topics but the main inspiration he gets from the black forest – his homeland.

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Facing | Tradition
He grows up with traditional Black Forest garbs. Early in the age of 10 he discovered his passion for photography. These facts are the reason that he is now a high demanded photographer.

His circuit trough a craftman´s trade explains that he is specially talented in balancing tradition and modernism – In Particular, cheeky, self-confident ladies and gents with piercings and tattoos. The pictures are known by nearby everyone in the region of the black forest and got already international attention as they have been exhibited as well in New York. If you get a opportunity to have a view at the pictures in large formats, you will quickly recognize the artist behind the craftsman who is calling his camera lovely “Knipskiste”, in English something like “snap case“.

Catching the Back Forest always from a new perspective:  Facing | Tradition: Q
The latest models are four-footed, with more fat over the frame, miles away from the catwalk in Paris but anyway so gorgeous and photogenic: cows.

That´s why he is able to manage the balance between tradition and modernity, to enrich the entire view of the black forest wildlife

“It was time, to give these warm and gentle animals an honorable face”, says Sebastian Wehrle.

It became a perfect and matching collaboration with Stephanie Schneider, the “FLOWERGIRL”, aka “DAS BLUMENMÄDCHEN” who designed unique traditional crowns, made out of flowers for each cow in its traditional Almabtrieb* .

*bringing cattle down from the mountain pastures in autumn

Sebastian finds his motives in alien lands as well as directly in front of his door. His homeland, the Black Forest is his calm anchor and at the same time his source of inspiration. He stands for spreading out the image of the black forest through his eyes: colourful, beautiful and modern!

Further Works by Sebastian Wehrle

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