Rike Riegels-Winsauer & Burkhard Riegels

2021 – 2022

Burkhard Riegels

Born in Berlin in 1959, he grew up making pictures in Karlsruhe. Trained as a photographer under master Jörg Weber. Later he passed his master’s examination and opened his own studios in Freiburg, Innsbruck, Bad Urach and Reutlingen. In 2009 he founded the gallery ART TEMPTO together with his wife Rike. Publication of various illustrated books “Es sind die Menschen”(2010), “Wälderstimmen” (2020), “La Libreria Acqua Alta” (2020). 2013 winner of the International Calendar Award. Numerous publications and exhibitions – most recently “Linen Characters” at Storemont Palace, Belfast . Travels extensively in Europe for his projects and portraits.

Rike Riegels-Winsauer & Burkhard Riegels

Burkhard Riegels & Rike Riegels-Winsauer

Rike Riegels-Winsauer

Born 1961 in Aalen. Trained in gold parament embroidery at the Kaiserswerth Monastery, studied with Prof. Klaus Ulrich and Prof. Sepp Schmölzer. Lucas Cranach Award winner of the city of Wittenberg. Formerly lecturer in textile art at the University of Münster and chairwoman of the Visual Arts Section of the IBC Bodensee. Successful as a painter, printmaker and goldsmith-artist for decades with exhibitions at home and abroad. Exhibitions at Stewart Moore in New York and Miami, Galerie Weihergut in Salzburg, Galerie Smend in Cologne, Stedelijk Museum Zutphen (Netherlands), Galerie Rosenhauer in Göttingen, among others.

The pictures Burkhard Riegels has created over the past decades are allowed to tell stories. They are meant to create space for one’s own reflections. And they report on life and people. Pictures against visual ephemerality
(Michael Davidis)

The radiance of Rike Riegels-Winsauer’s unique textile artworks unfolds both in her large formats and in enchanting miniatures. Through intensive study of textile techniques in all cultures of the world, she learned highly refined, often centuries-old techniques. An important station on her way was learning gold embroidery in the parament workshop of the Kaiserswerth monastery. All these skills lead her in the free realisation and in exciting material compositions to incomparable works of art, each one a precious, fascinating universe.

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Goldschmiede, Werkstatt  und Galerie für Kunst und Fotografie

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The ART TEMPTO Gallery exists because we like to share our joy of creating with others. In 2008, we combined our trades into an extraordinary joint project: The Goldsmiths. The art workshop-gallery. The photography studio. ART TEMPTO (in artistic licence of the Latin “attempto – I dare”) After ten successful years in Tübingen, we have arrived in the middle of Karlsruhe with our ART TEMPTO since 2019. We have created a wonderfully bright, light-flooded space at Durlacher Tor in our loft, an architecturally fascinating workshop building from the 19th century. An ideal space for our diverse art crafts. Working and living in the middle of a beautiful garden.Rike Riegels-Winsauer & Burkhard Riegels

Further Works by Rike Riegels-Winsauer & Burkhard Riegels

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