Enzo Arduini: Protection by forest

November 2017 – September 2018

Vita Enzo Arduini

Enzo Arduini was born close to Rome in 1952. He studied painting at Liceo Artistico. His mentors were Guiseppe Modica and Adolfo Loreti. Beside painting he wided out his talents to sculpting and was taught by Avenali, De Chirico, Renato Guttuso, Pericle Fazzini and further two years at Bartollini in Rome. Since 1972 Arduini works and lives as freelance artist in Munich.

Vernisssage „Protection by forest“

Close to the shoreline in South of Toscana, called Alta Maremma, Enzo Arduini has a holiday home. One day, he took a long walk in the forest and suddenly found a settlement.

Actually a German family made themselves a new retired home. Until then Enzo felt „the forest“ as a scarying thing full of secrets and a place where you should always be careful.

By learning to know the German family and having a lot of chats with them, he started to become curious.
Taking some sheets and pens he decided to go into the forest and felt like becoming a part of it. Suddenly he felt familiar with the woods, even started to feel protected by its silecne and security. 10 years passed since that day- a time of new creations, new paintings and sculptures- dedicated to the forest.

„Would there be no forest, humans would die soon“.
Enzo Arduini, November 2017

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